Catlin Underwriters

Bespoke Wall and Glass Manifestations in the City of London

Spectrum Architectural Signing was given the opportunity through Artillery Architecture to develop their concept sign designs into functioning products for Catlin Underwriters's new office in the City of London.

Artillery had designed a family of elegant signs that could be easily updated, including: wall mounted directories; portable marketing totems; bespoke wall and glass manifestations; and freestanding internally illuminated, full height floor to ceiling monoliths.

The products looked to be very simple at first glance, however their functionality made them very complex constructions. The signs had to encompass what appeared to be contradictory attributes; they had to be translucent but strong and self-supporting.

Our team carried out a full detailed design exercise, developing functionality, investigating materials and producing a ‘look and feel prototype’. Throughout the process our design development was underscored by Catlin’s environmental policy commitments. The end result is a suite of visually stunning and contemporary signs which complement and enhance their corporate environment fully.

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