British Geological Survey

Monolith and Wallmounted Monoline Sign Systems

The British Geological Survey (BGS) is the UK's premier centre for earth science expertise and information. The organisation has several sites across the UK, with a headquarters site at Keyworth near Nottingham. The site is currently undergoing redevelopment, with further works expected in the future as the organisation seeks to maximise the value from its estate. As part of the current works, there is a change of naming strategy to be implemented, where building numbers are being replaced with buildings being named after prominent scientists in the earth sciences field.

Following a successful tendering exercise, Spectrum Architectural Signing was commissioned to deliver and implement an external wayfinding strategy at BGS headquarters.

We selected the Chameleon monolith and wallmounted Monoline systems as these offer an elegant and robust solution using high quality materials, such as, low iron glass and stainless steel.

The current works also see the implementation of a trail of significant rock samples. Interpretive information  about these samples was also required which has been incorporated in to the sign strategy. Aside from visiting private and public sector clients, scientists and academics, graduate and postgraduate students and schools parties, the site is opening up to a wider range of visitors with the lecture theatre and exhibition spaces being run as a commercial enterprise.

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