Maidenhead Town Centre

Town Centre Wayfinding Signage Strategy in Maidenhead

Spectrum Architectural Signing were contracted to design, engineer, manufacture and install a pedestrian wayfinding system for Maidenhead town centre. The scheme is part of a long-term development initiative in Maidenhead and it is proposed the strategy will then expand to a wider area in Maidenhead and into Windsor town centre. Our scheme is comprised of fingerposts, wall mounted directional signs and monoliths.

The architect had focused on Maidenhead's relationship with the River Thames. Maidenhead is an important Thames crossing and the current A4 is the historic main route from London to Bristol, Bath and the West Country. The architect's concepts showed monoliths with a translucent blue panel that was intended to represent water.

The strategy involved using the High Street as a central spine with extensive information and directing people to locations from the High Street using fingerposts.

The monoliths were the most challenging items. Aside from key locations and walking time/distance information, the monoliths were to display a full colour town centre map on one side and interpretive and event information on the reverse. It was intended that the map would be updated periodically to reflect the town centre development plan but that the other information would be changed frequently. Our brief was that the interpretive/event information should be able to be changed by a single person, without any special tools or skills, and without any need for equipment, such as ladders. The designs also had to accommodate illumination and audio equipment that may be added at a later date.

I order to meet our client's objectives, we designed the product as a large display case with functioning and lockable doors on either side. We left the interior clear for future illumination by pushing the internal framework to the edges.

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